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City Alchemist hand selects all spiritually valuable resources and reference materials for the student and advanced practitioner.


City Alchemist offers an array of rare/antiquarian texts, volumes and oracles for the serious collector or occult practitioner.  Many of these products are one-of-a-kind and may not be listed again once they have sold.


We care strongly about proper teachings and do our part to stop the spread of misinformation.  With that, we provide these valuable texts, decks, and oracles for those who wish to learn the ways of our elders.


Books in Spanish contain the knowledge of our ancestors and other witches of color.  We provide many of these books for those who wish to go deeper into the teachings of brujería, hechiceríacuranderismo, and other topics.



City Alchemist specializes in occult goods as well as products for all of your practical and spiritual needs.

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The source of our magia (magic) comes from the universe within us, but various ritual tools and statues can help us focus those energies intently.  City Alchemist provides an array of altar tools and images for this purpose.


We know your magical path is important and that you value you it strongly.  That's why we try our best to carry the most traditional and authentic charms, talismans and amuletos for all of your spiritual needs.

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Often times we forget that our spiritual paths come from primal origins.  Bones and other curious were part of our ancestors work, and can continue to be a viable source of power today. Please treat all bones and curious with love and respect.



City Alchemist gathers the finest high-quality ingredients and apothecary goods.

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At City Alchemist we understand that top quality goes in line with strong magical energy.  We offer only the finest roots, resins and natural sacred smoke bundles at our shop.  Each of these ingredients are carefully chosen for their spiritual and magical essence.

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We make it our priority to carry authentic spiritual baths, oils and powders.  We carry products made from traditional plants and ingredients in order to bring about the desired result and promote the natural essence of each product.


Spiritual waters are not only useful but each formula is time tested for their potency.  Our sprays and soaps are just as exquisite and help provide the practitioner with powerful cleansing and re-vitalizing energies.


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