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At City Alchemist, we help restore balance to body, mind, and spirit through our products, readings, and services. Please note that all readings and services are for entertainment purposes only. For further information please read our disclaimer.

Featured Services

Ancestor Reading

A general card reading to help the reader with all issues and to connect with their spiritual ancestors.

Santa Muerte Plactíca

Reading with Santisima Muerte for general questions or to learn more about your spiritual connection with the Mexican folk-saint of death.

Tarot Reading

A general card reading to help the reader with all issues and concerns that the spirits wish to speak about.


Jogo do buzios

Kimbanda general shell reading


A general Kimbanda reading with Exu and Pomba Gira of Brazilian Kimbanda to check on your health, protection, spirituality, home, finances and love life.

Jogo do Buzios
Kimbanda Guardian reading

A buzios reading to determine your main Exu and Pomba Gira guardians of Brazilian Kimbanda and how to develop a relationship with those spirits.

Plactica - Spiritual Talk

Spiritual one-on-one talk to discuss all spiritual matters and concerns.  Good for spiritual students or those who are dealing with all forms of spiritual ailments.

Limpia - Personal Cleansing

(Office Location)

Curanderismo is a traditional healing practice that focuses on cleansing the mind, body, and spirit. Through these techniques we aim to restore balance and harmony within  and help you achieve a greater sense of well-being.

Santa Muerte Misa (Mass)
April 13th 
(Office Location/Online)

La Nuestra Señora Santisima Muerte is a beloved folk saint who holds a special place in the hearts of many. We invite you to join us in prayer and reflection as we honor her with a rosary and mass. Let us come together in reverence and gratitude for the blessings she has bestowed upon us.

Brazilian Kimbanda services

(Online or in person)

Brazilian Kimbanda is a spiritual practice that combines African and Brazilian spirits to bring about positive change in one's life. You can recieve guias (spiritual beaded necklaces) or other spiritually charged tools in this tradition.


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