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City Alchemist is an esoteric purveyor whose aim is to revitalize witchcraft for the next generation.

Alexis A. Arredondo grew up on the border of South Texas, where he was enamored with folklore as well as spiritual folk-practice at a very young age. He began learning folk magic and traditional brujería (Mexican witchcraft) from a local bruja (witch) in his hometown. Through the influence of famous healers such as Don Pedrito Jaramillo,
he began his journey in the sacred healing art of Curanderismo (Mexican folk-healing), and was fortunate enough to have teachers in this practice as well as in el culto de Santisima Muerte (the cult of the Holy Death).  He has also initiated into several necromantic systems such as tantric Aghor Yoga, Brazilian Kimbanda and he is a Tata Nganga in the Congo-Cuban practice of Palo Mayombe. He is the co-owner of City Alchemist Witch Shop in downtown East Austin and co-author of the book "Magia Magia: Invoking Mexican Magic as well as Blood of Brujeria.  Alexis also is the occult expert and spiritual consultant of the Night Owl True Ghost Stories Podcast.  Through his experiences, he enjoys teaching others through his online school the Mictlan Academy. 

Eric Labrado was born and raised in west Texas, where he learned the fundamentals of Mexican witchcraft (brujeria) and  folk-healing (curanderismo) from family and other practitioners in his community.  He is the co-author of "Magia Magia :Invoking Mexican Magic" and "Blood of Brujeria."  

Eric holds initiation in the Afro-Cuban tradition of Santería as a priest of Oshún and is also a medium and diviner. When he is not co-running his shop City Alchemist, is he providing limpias (spiritual cleanings) for the community and mentorship programs for those interested in learning the spiritual folk-traditions of Mexico.

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