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May 2020 - Astrology Update

Horoscopes for May 2020 by @brujamedica

May is one of the most rooted and grounded times for this year. It starts with a scorpio Full moon at 17 degrees on May 7th. that first week of may, will make clear what you are letting go, what is dying and where your timeline is shifting. This is also a month of venus retrograde, the more people release relationships that are wasteful, shallow and disloyal, the more they will be aligned to partnerships that feel like destiny. There are literally timelines (you can also call it cycles) that have been and are rotting, these people and relationships can no longer affect you and May is the time to let go and immediately get something positive back.

Cleansing at all levels is so important because since we are constantly mirroring and literally cleansing our hands, our clothes, wearing masks, all of that is in synchronicity to the cycles and narratives the planets are creating. the full moon in Scorpio will bring a lot to the surface, it is a Moon of deep internal change as well as blessing.

In Aries season we felt so restless because we expected a fresh new beginning in 2020 and it didn’t happen because we hadn’t finished working on our collective responsibilities. After the full moon, on may 10th, Saturn will join Pluto in retrograde (Pluto stationed retrograde in April 25). So the universe enters a time of withdrawal and just when we’ve started to adapt to solitude, Saturn will do what I call a “mindfuck” as more business reopen, there will be choice that the Venus in Gemini will make very seductive. It is a test, can we face our responsibilities within our community with integrity? Can we create a “new normal” and a prioritization of connection to self and source instead of materialism and ego? On the 11th, Mercury will enter Gemini, even more desire to socialize will be there. On the 12th of May, Mars enters Pisces, Mars is our vitality and lifeforce, in Pisces the energy is weakened, we are more sensitive and easily drained (those also more susceptible to illness). On the 13th, Venus stations retrograde, which will bring a lot of light in failed relationships. On the 14th, Jupiter stations retrograde, this will bring a much needed introspection and wave of good or bad luck depending on aspects to your natal Jupiter. Each planet going retrograde, will mark a definite release and test in our life.

Verbally and mentally we need to talk to ourselves and think about ourselves. Right now we are in a precious time of manifestation and creation. Think about who you are spending energy on because the people around you may drive you crazy if you’re spending too much time together, or if you’re on the opposite end just spending time zooming others and not focusing on aligning with your purpose and inner voice then that’s an issue. The people we spend energy on should be the people we are creating with. There should be purpose to relationships, but your main relationship should still be with your inner self. Venus retrograde will make sure you find love and purpose within yourself, that’s why there might be breakups and miscommunications, disconnect or gossip, to make sure you go within and desire solitude and rest. Others may even be deeper aligned to purpose.



Taurus sun and rising: You are leaving behind your codependence and addictive patterns, childhood trauma and wounds about worthlessness/money/and self esteem can be released so powerfully right now. There is a gift coming to taurus that extends beyond taurus season. The planet Uranus is in Taurus and will take Taurus for an amazing adventure. In Tarot uranus rules the fool card, there is a strong new way of being, a new discovery of values and creative identity that is coming so powerfully through taurus. It is being born through you. In this time of withdrawal, we have poured more energy into the home, our bodies, our food, which are all Taurus themes (along with Cancerian themes but i’ll get there). Because so much energy is being poured into Taurus themes: the more you tune in to this vibration the more abundance you manifest. Venus will retrograde in your second house of money, worth, and values. Be careful of gossip, fights with sisters/family. Try to not spend money because you’re bored. Gemini is a sign of apathy and if taurus is not passionate about what they’re creating, apathy will take over. Venus in Gemini can be an earthquake energy for taurus, because it activates the Uranus energy. So if we’re shopping through the internet, distracted by third party situations, gossip or lying/judgment, it can draw back a lot of fortune for Taurus. Think about eating root vegetables, like beets, and really get rooted into your body, burrow into the earth and you will be reborn at the full moon in Scorpio.

GEMINI Venus is in your sign and going retrograde. Gemini, this is a powerful time for you to develop the gifts you naturally have. It is a time to be grateful for the mind the universe gave you, for your friendships and teachers. Venus and goddesses that embody beauty and self-sufficiency are great guides for you at the moment. Love magic for self-love is your strongest ally and helps you access your innate wisdom and spiritual craft. Taurus rules your 12th house, which is why it’s important that you listen to your dreams. Write about what you dream about, literally and figurative. The north node is entering Gemini which means you are being aligned with your power and higher self, and because of that now is a time to dream, to think about purpose and be an inspirational figure for others. How do you shine Gemini? Gemini originality is going to be supported right now, learn and ask questions, be your curious self and reach out to your higher guides.

What needs to be released is how others' opinions affect your self worth. Especially critical family figures like aunts, sisters, cousins, siblings and peers , or figures you look up to for wisdom. Your mind, body and spirit are precious and it’s time for you to accept who you are as a gift.

CANCER Taurus season loves cancer! Taurus and cancer share a very familiar connection. Taurus can bring friends and popularity to Cancer. You naturally create new projects and ways to take care for your community and this is why Taurus brings so much good karma to Cancer. Because the north node is leaving Cancer to enter Gemini, Cancer has gone through a cycle of awakening and a lot of Cancerian placements have been aligned to what they love and who they are. It’s a beautiful time for you to partner up with soul mates that expand your projects. Although, Venus in gemini is in your 12th house, so you need a lot of alone time, rest, dreaming and reflection.

The full moon is in your fifth house, which is a delicate house for you. As the mother archetype, Cancer, you are very in tune to children, to creation and your childhood. Power struggles can come up here between parent child relationships, or romantic partners. Power struggles about smothering, control or paternalism. To guide your journey this month, find your child spirit, be a mother to yourself and your Creativity.

LEO Leo is truly a sign that has been tested spiritually and materially. Leo has been a student of spirituality for a many lifetimes and they are true leaders in their community. Venus is going retrograde in your 11th house of friendships, Leo. how can Leo see themselves without an audience? What are true friendships and what value do they add to Leo’s incredible resilience and authenticity? This time of solitude needs to be a vehicle for Leo to work on their creative projects. But false friendships can distract a lot of Leo's energy right now. Venus in retrograde can truly expose some people’s true intentions. As well as clear blocks when it comes to finding your destined true soulmate friendships. Let go of anyone who does not resonate with your light! The more you shine inwardly, the more abundance you receive. People that can stabilize your career, finances or dreams are there for you and they will accept you as their leader (I’m sort of joking).


Virgo is the sign that embodies natural healers. They can practice their medicine through science or spirituality. Virgo rules health and routine, and right now our collective health is at risk. Virgos who are healers and teachers can be under a lot of stress. Aries season for virgo was a time of death and rebirth. Taurus season is a really important time for Virgos because taurus rules virgos house of faith and optimism, travel and adventure. Right now, Virgo needs to find that faith and joy. Virgo should embody the student, learn a new trade and focus on their own healing, body and spiritual routine. As with all signs, taurus is bringing virgo energy a gift, and in this case it is the gift of jupiter/who rules the ninth house: inspiration, teaching, learning and connecting with new guides to expand your consciousness (which can come through books, music, or even learning a new language). with gemini at the very top of virgo’s chart, they embody sisterhood and compassion. Send virgos some love because they are psychic and we don’t want them to absorb more toxicity.

LIBRA For Libra, Taurus season is intense. Taurus rules the eighth house of Libra, which deals with Scorpio themes: shared resources, inheritance, death, change and values. There’s a lot that Libra has to accept about their material reality and about their insecurities. Venus stationing retrograde in Libra’s 9th house, means that past lovers and actions, memories can be a little bit haunting for now. Therefore, envy and insecurity can play a trick on Libra’s usually justice oriented mine. In a positive aspect, Lbra can really access a confidence in their own intelligence and beauty that brings in new opportunities with business and money. Since Libra is a sign ruled by venus, they represent attraction. Using attraction in a positive way that embodies truth and justice will bring Libra the most fortune. Connect to your inner truth libra.

SCORPIO Scorpio, your relationships are on fire right now, they are going through a lot of changes because the planet Uranus is your seventh house. As a sign that desires loyalty, scorpio has to face their own truth before they can ask that from others. Thankfully, Gemini venus in your eighth house really lets you be quiet and listen to what your inner voice is saying, so that you can give yourself closure. Scorpios are being divorced from their accumulated karma. The emphasis on venus, taurus and the seventh house relate to letting die the versions of yourself that you acted for others. As the eighth house is a house of sex, it’s also a really good time for that. Writing erotic poems and role playing is something Gemini emphasis. With the north node entering gemini, scorpio can heal a lot of internalized sexual trauma, so it’s very good to explore their inner sexual fantasies. Let your inner world be free.

SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius, you have so much manifestation energy! Pluto and Jupiter are both in Capricorn affecting your second house of money, worth, body and abundance. Pluto and Jupiter are energies that are helping you purge all the darkness and toxicity from within. If you are a Sagittarius that indulges and has indulged a lot through food, sex or alcohol, let your body completely cleanse itself. You are making space for actual material manifestation and you’ve worked a lot for it. Venus in Gemini is in your seventh house of partnerships and relationships, try to focus your energy in business and trade/exchange, and not so much in flirtatious relationships that will end up getting you in trouble. Sagittarius and Gemini are an axis that likes to fantasize, lie and similarly seek the truth, so empower your mind to write about the truth, about your faith and confidence and give less energy to surface level relationships.

CAPRICORN Capricorn, you have the bad bitch mythology right now. Capricorn has changed and grown so much in their power and wisdom, they feel to me like no matter the challenges they face this month with Saturn going retrograde, they will feel indestructible. In May, there’s a lot of emphasis in Capricorn's sixth house of Gemini, which Capricorn does incredibly with. The sixth house represents daily activity and work. during retrograde, don’t get drawn into third party relationships, gossip or frivolous patterns within your work environment. it’s good for you to shine where you are used to shining: in your writing, with your routine and body. Because Venus rules money, there might be a hold up with work and money, don’t settle or become impatient. You can clear any negative situations through careful planning and willpower. Saturn is retrograding back from your Second house to your first house with Pluto and Jupiter, the inner critic is coming back to the forefront of your psyche, but it doesn’t mean you are powerless. In fact, if anything Pluto and Jupiter are giving you a lot of personal power.


Taurus doesn’t make a great aspect to Aquarius, which I am sorry to say because both are very spiritual and intelligent signs. But I feel like Taurus season can be difficult for Aquarius, because Taurus rules their fourth house of family and attachment. Aquarius is letting go of wounds to do with the home and family. Wounds around poverty and class come to mind. Venus is activating your fifth house of childhood. It feels to me that Aquarius is certainly in grief, as a sign representative of society and groups, Aquarius has to accept they have to let go of their caretakers or wherever they are most codependent. Make your home as cozy as can be and once the middle of May comes around and the Sun moves to Gemini, you will have the desire to write/dance/perform again.

PISCES Pisces, there’s a really strong theme here to do with friendships and voice. Through capricorn and saturn, your friendships are and have been testing you. But your focus for this month is finding your voice. Through being tested in their friendships, Pisces can find their unique voice without echoing other people’s leadership. This month is about Pisces narrating their own adventures and story. Pisces is a sign that rules music. Sound healing and music can be very healing at this time and also can manifest a lot. Because Pisces like Gemini is a mutable sign, don’t be swayed by gossip or third party situations. Entanglement will just create more confusion and passive aggressiveness once Mars enters Pisces, unlike the other signs, Pisces placements will feel revitalized by this Mars energy.

ARIES Aries has created so much and it’s time for the fruits of their labor to be rewarded. As for Taurus, the gift for Aries will extend beyond the month of May. Because as Uranus spends more time in Taurus, it literally fills with energy and changes the way Aries sees their body, worth and value in the world. Aries here can embody a lot of inner wealth and beauty because Uranus had previously gone through their sign. And in fact, Jupiter and Capricorn, prime manifestors are on top of Aries’ chart, in the tenth house of social achievement. This is about absolute recognition of worth. Bruja Medica is one of our fabulous astrology and card readers at our City Alchemist location. Be sure to follow@brujamedica on instagram for more horoscopes and general astrology readings!

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