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How to Perform an Egg diagnosis and Cleansing

The egg has long been used in the Mexican spiritual healing tradition of Curanderismo. Most seem to think that an Egg limpia is just a cleansing done to remove energies, which is true, but you can also use the egg for spiritual diagnosis:

You will need: A farm fresh egg at room temperature (not store bought if possible) A clear glass (not plastic) A white plate Salt

First take the egg and hold it in your hand upside down, with the "Point" of the egg facing down (you can see a picture of how to do this properly as the main photo of this blog). Pray to your personal Saint or Divinity asking them to guide your hand. Be sure to focus on your intent of what you want to do. If this is just to cleanse, then that is your intent. If this is to diagnose, then make that your intent instead.

Start physically (or about 1-3 inches away from the body) rubbing the body from the top of the head downwards. Take your time, allow the egg to take in the energy. When you get to any parts where there are major joints such as shoulders, neck, knees, etc, make a cross with the egg on those parts. Once you finish, crack the egg and allow the contents to fall into the glass of water. The glass of water can then (or earlier) be placed on the white plate with a ring of salt around it.

If the egg has blood, (this literally a little speck, not heavy blood like the movies) then there is the possibility of witchcraft, danger etc). If there are lots of bubbles around the ring of the yoke (think of it like the rings around Saturn) then these are spiritual attachments. If there are lots of bubbles at the top of the water with strings attached to the yoke, these are elevated or good spirits such as ancestors and guides. The more the better!

After you are done looking at the egg, throw the entire contents in the glass into the toilet and flush it. The salt and egg shell can go in the trash OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME, you don't want to keep them inside. If you diagnose that there is something attached or some danger present, you can do the cleansing again with a new egg and the focused intention to remove these energies. Simply break the egg by throwing it in the toilet and flushing it, or break it into your trash can/compost outside of your home. If you see that witchcraft or some form of darkness is present, then you can use a lemon instead of an egg. Do the exact same as above only you will either burn the lemon or throw it away in the trash/compost outside of your home. City Alchemist provides these and other strong cleansings. Go to to schedule your cleansing now! We will also be having classes on Curanderismo and Spiritual Cleansings soon so please be sure to check back or visit our instagram for updates at

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