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La Nuestra Señora Santisima Muerte 

This iconic folk-saint has origins in ancient Aztec religion as well as strong associations with Spanish and European iconography. The Aztecs called her Mictecacíhuatl (mik-tek-ah-si-wat-l) or Mictlancíhuatl (mik-tlansi- wat-l), the goddess of the Mexica underworld known as Mictlan (mikt-lan). She was the guardian of the bones of the Mexican ancestors and honored during the ninth Aztec calendar month of the dead called Tlaxochimaco (Tlah-sho-chi-mah-co). When Spain displaced the Aztecs in 1521, the month of the dead and it’s celebrations assimilated from late summer to mid fall on the Catholic holiday of All Souls Day. Thus the celebration of the dead called Miccailuitl (Mee-kay-il-weetl) integrated into modern day Día de los Muertos.


Much like Tontantzin, the Goddess assimilated the iconographic forms of the modern Catholic saints. The European influences added the tools of death such as her scythe and scales. Despite all of these previous influences and connections, it is in this Mexican folk Catholic tradition which she has chosen to manifest as her new more powerful form, not as a Goddess, but as a folk saint. Shortly after her culto de la Santísima Muerte or cult of the most Holy Death began to form.  - Excerpt from Magia Magia: Invoking Mexican Magic.

To learn more about Santa Muerte's history, magic and practices, City Alchemist has devised the 13 courses below.  It is highly recommended that you take the Santisima Muerte Crash Course first before taking the other courses.  There are 12 advanced Santa Muerte courses meant to be watched over 6 months (2 classes per month) which you can purchase individually or purchase the advanced Online Santa Muerte Hechizeria Course in its entirety.  These classes are pre-recorded and are about an hour or longer


Alexis A. Arredondo grew up in South Texas where he was enamored with Mexican legends, folklore and spirituality.  He began learning about Brujeria and Curanderismo at a young age until 1999 when he began learning magic hechizos directly from a local Bruja (Mexican witch). Over the years he acquired knowledge from Curanderos, Indios and other Hechiceros (sorcerers).  He brings over 20 years of experience and practice in the more traditional practice of el culto de Santisima Muerte.  Ometeotl!


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This course is non-refundable and you will not receive a refund of class fees once you purchase.

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Santa Muerte Crash Course

One of the first of its kind, it contains teachings passed down from teachers of the brujeria, curanderismo and Mexica/Aztec danza traditions.  The course includes the history, symbolism and basic rituals of the traditional spiritual practice of the culto de nuestra senora Santisima Muerte.

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This contains the entire 12 courses of the Online Santa Muerte Hechizeria Course as well as the original three hour Introductory Course.  In addition a special bonus course is also provided!

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OSMHC: Evolution of Santisima Muerte 1

In this first course, we will go further into the depths of the history and origins of Santa Muerte and her culto.  We will focus on the indigenous roots, rites and rituals of the Mexica (Aztec) and how they are incorporated in her modern practice.

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OSMHC: Evolution of Santisima Muerte 2

In this second course, we will go further into the depths of the European and pagan origins of Santa Muerte and her culto.  We will focus on the folk-catholic elements of her practices as well as the necromantic aspects of her rituals.  We will also touch on the influence of other folk-saints in her culto such as San Pascual, Maximon and Lucifer!

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OSMHC-1: Symbolic Sorcery 1

In this third course, we will explore the symbols and tools of Santa Muerte and their origins.  You will not only learn their meanings but how to interpret what each symbol represents when working magic with her.  Lastly we will discuss the carga or charge of the statue and its use.


OSMHC: Symbolic Sorcery 2

In this fourth course, we will focus on the images of Santisima Muerte.  You will learn the true meanings of her robe colors, their origins and uses.   We will also explore the various styles of statues, how to cleanse them and how to utilize them in her ceremonia (ceremony).

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OSMHC: Deep Devotion 1

In this fifth class, you will learn the traditional prayers and oraciones of el culto de Santa Muerte.  We will also cover how to pray the rosary and work the novena.  Lastly we will discuss prayers in Nahuatl and developing spiritism.

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OSMHC:  Deep Devotion 2

In this sixth class, we will discuss the four directions of the altar and their relation to the six mexica directions and elements.  We will then explore each elements of food offerings and their proper meanings.  Lastly we will discuss building the altar and how to perform the proper manda (offering).


OSMHC: La Blanca - Curanderismo

In this seventh class, we will discuss the foundations of the mexican healing traditions of Curanderismo and how to work these practices with Santisima Muerte.

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OSMHC: Practical Curanderismo

In this eighth class, we will focus on the white robe aspect of Santisima Muerte and go into the practical aspects of the Mexican healing tradition of Curanderismo rites and rituals.

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OSMHC: La Negra - Brujería

In this ninth class, we will focus on the black robe aspect of Santisima Muerte and go into the practical aspects and foundations of the Mexican witchcraft tradition known as Brujeria.

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OSMHC: La Negra - Practical Brujería

In this tenth class, we will work on the practical aspects of the Mexican traditional witchcraft known as Brujeria.  We will focus on the three main types of brujeria and the practical aspects of necromancy that can be done with Santisima Muerte.

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OSMHC: La Roja - Hechicería

In this eleventh class, we will focus on the red robe of Santisima Muerte and the foundations of Mexican folk magic known as Hechiceria.

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OSMHC:  La Roja - Practical Hechicería

In this final class, we will cover the practical aspects of the Mexican folk magic practice of Hechceria.  We will discuss the types of magic you can practice with Santisima Muerte and how to combine all magical aspects we have learned throughout the course.

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