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Padé or cerimônia offering service

Padé or cerimônia offering service

Welcome to our Padé and Cerimônia offering service, where we specialize in traditional Brazilian Kimbanda ceremonies. Our experienced practitioners will petition Exu and Pomba Gira on your behalf, seeking their guidance and assistance in various matters of love, protection, and justice. These powerful entities are often called upon for their ability to bring swift resolution to complex problems and to provide powerful protection in times of need. Through our time-honored rituals and offerings, we aim to help you connect with the spiritual forces of Kimbanda in a respectful and meaningful way. Whether you seek to honor the spirits or request their intervention, our Padé and Cerimônia services are designed to align with the traditions and practices of Brazilian Kimbanda.


There are three options for your service:

Padé - Basic offering to the spirits of food and drink.

Padé com frente - Larger offering to the spirits of food, drink and frente of spiritual plants and leaves to filer all bad energies.
Cerimônia - Advanced offering of items above and an animal.

Each purchase is for one personal offering or service.  Please be sure to note the specific spirit or spiritual reason you would like the service for.  A photo and any other spiritual notes will be sent once the offering has been made.

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