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Haskelite Mystic Tray (Large version)

Haskelite Mystic Tray (Large version)

Haskelite manufactured wood dinner trays but wanted to start making toys. They decided to market the Mystic tray under the brand name "Hasko." These fortune telling mystic trays and boards were so known as the "talking boards" of the future. “Hasko" was one of the prolific producers of these mystic "talking boards" in the world. The Hasko Mystic Trays were introduced in 1942. This wood board features the original wood planchette with all original pegs. The board is also known for its depiction of the Disney Witch from Snow White on the bottom left corner. This is the larger version of the mystic tray at a whopping 2.5 feet by 16”!!!

Vintage board are sold as is and may contain scratches, blemishes or markings.

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