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Guias - Spiritual Protection Necklaces

Guias - Spiritual Protection Necklaces

Guias are  spiritual necklaces of the Brazilian Umbanda and Kimbanda tradition.  Each guia is connected to a specific spirit or deity and the guia can be worn to represent their spiritual energy.  General guia's can also be made for protection, blessings, or other spiritual energies. 

All guias are made traditionally with glass or crystal beads and may include metal or bone charms.  Guias are made to be worn daily but should be removed before bed to avoid them breaking or busting.  Guias should also not be worn during:

-drinking or smoking (unless it's with/for the spirit)

-in bars or places where lude acts can happen

-during sexual activity


There are three options for your guia:

Washed - The guide is washed and blessed in the proper herbs and waters/alcohol.

Crossed - The guide is washed as mentioned above but is also fed with the spiritual Axé (energy) of the proper animal.  (Kimbanda guias only)
Guia - The guide is prepared and washed in a simple blessing water/alcohol.


If your guia breaks or busts, it is an indication that the spirit saved you from a powerful attack or that there is something wrong spiritually.  We suggest you get a constulation with us or your spiritual teacher if this does happen.

Each purchase is for one guia.  Please be sure to note the specific spirit, entity, orixa or spiritual reason you would like the guia made for.  Also be sure to include if you would like specific colors or patterns, other wise we will divine to see what the spirit would like to include.  All guias are custom made, please allow 3-6 weeks for completion.

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