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Blood of Brujeria

Blood of Brujeria

One of the first books on the subject of traditional Mexican Brujeria (witchcraft) to be written in English by two authors of Mexican descent!  Each book is signed by the authors.  Blood of Brujeria is an introductory book to the Brujeria of the Texas-Mexican Border and Includes traditional trabajos (magical workings) for removing brujeria.  Lastly the book contains authentic defense spells that you can perform.   Alexis A. Arredondo and Eric J. Labrado grew up on the southern and western tips of the Texas-Mexican border, where they were exposed to the magic of Mexico as children.  Fate would have them meet in Austin, Texas where they would conjure up their spiritual shop: City Alchemist.  City Alchemist promotes the witchcraft of color, focusing on the preservation and practice of these ancestral spiritual traditions.  Eric is also a conjure practitioner as well as a priest of Oshun in the Regla de Ocha tradition, with roots in Camaguey, Cuba.  Alexis had the privilege of teachers in Palo Mayombe, the Culto de Santisima Muerte and curanderismo of South Texas.  They both have been practitioners of sorcery for more than 17 years.
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