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What is Mictlan Academy?

An online academy of folk magic, sorcery, occult arts and its practices!

Mictlan Academy features online lectures and plactícas (spiritual talks) for those wanting to learn various aspects of folk magic, srocery, healing, witchcraft, necromancy and occul arts.   All of our academy instructors have years of knowledge as well as practice of these traditions and are sharing these teachings with you, the aspiring student or apprentice.

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Choose your academic experience

There are three options
You can enroll as a Student which gives you access to 3 live lectures per month.  You will also have access to over 50 pre-recorded classes on various occult subjects.

The second option is to enroll as an Apprentice in which you will have access to all of the live and recorded lectures as well as an extra plactíca (spiritual talk) after that.


The final option is to be a Drop-in Student which gives you access to live classes only during the appointed class time.  There are 3 live recorded classes per month.


Meet The Instructors

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