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Limpias - Spiritual Cleansings w/Alexis

Limpias or Cleansings are available at our store or temple location

  • 30 minutes
  • 60 US dollars
  • City Alchemist Office at 777 Shady Lane

Service Description

City Alchemist provides traditional spiritual cleansings of Curanderismo (Mexican Folk-Healing), Palo Mayombe (Afro-Cuban Tradition) and Kimbanda (Afro-Brazilian Tradition). These spiritual energetic cleansing sessions may include a cleansing by smoke and water but other ritual tools may be implemented as needed. These sessions remove attached spirits, clear out stagnant energy as well as refresh/revitalize the body, mind and spirit. PLEASE NOTE: If you are needing a specific cleansing or have a specific issue, you must book a Plactica prior to booking your cleansing so that we can determine which kind of cleansing is required. Specific spiritual cleansing costs may vary, but will start at $60. Please bring cash for your payment (Austin, Texas area only). YOUR HEALER: Alexis Arredondo grew up on the borders of South Texas, where he was enamored with folklore as well as spiritual folk-practice at a very young age. He began learning folk magic and traditional brujeria from a local bruja in his hometown. Through the influence of famous healers such as Don Pedrito Jaramillo. He began his journey in the sacred healing art of Curanderismo, and was fortunate enough to have teachers in this practice as well as in el culto de Santisima Muerte. He has also initiated into several more necromantic systems such as tantric Aghor yoga, Brazilian Kimbanda and he is a Tata Nganga in the Congo-Cuban practice of Palo Mayombe. Through his experiences, he enjoys teaching others in the ways of the paths he has learned. Ometeotl!

Contact Details

  • 777 Shady Lane, Austin, TX, USA

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